Professional experience

Assistant professor (2024-)

Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (JP)

Postdoctoral researcher (2021-2024)

Quantum Materials Simulation Group, WPI-MANA, NIMS

Tsukuba, Japan (JP)

Postdoctoral researcher (2017-2021)

MathAM-OIL, AIST c/o Tohoku University

Sendai, Japan (JP)

PhD student (2012-2017)

imec and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

Thesis title: Ab initio modeling of novel 2D materials and interfaces for advanced ICT applications

Promotor: Prof. Michel Houssa (Co-promotors: Prof. Marc Heyns and Dr. Geoffrey Pourtois)

Leuven, Belgium (BEL)


Master in engineering physics (2010-2012)

Université de Liège (Belgium)

Thesis title: Modeling of nano contact pressure on Ge

Promotor: Prof. Benoît Vanderheyden, in collaboration with imec (Dr. Geoffrey Pourtois and Dr. Pierre Eyben)

Liège, Belgium (BEL)

Bachelor in civil engineering (2007-2010)

Université de Liège (Belgium)

Liège, Belgium (BEL)


  • Theoretical physics: Solid state physics, quantum transport, semiconductor materials.
  • Computational physics: First-principles calculations, electronic structure calculations, molecular dynamics, quantum transport simulations, high-performance computing.
  • Materials science: Two-dimensional materials, metallic glasses.
  • Machine learning: Convolutional neural networks, k-means clustering, Support Vector Machine (SVM), decision tree, random forest, k-nearest neighbors.
  • Programming languages: python, fortran, bash scripting, C/C++.
  • Software: Quantum Espresso, Abinit, Synopsys Atomistix Toolkit, LAMMPS, OMEN, reaxFF, XMD, git, Inkscape, scikit-learn, TensorFlow.


  • French (native)
  • Vietnamese (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Japanese (intermediate, JLPT N3)
  • Dutch (elementary)
  • German (elementary)


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